The Grappling Bowtie is an item that can be found on Spy Island. It is obtained by rescuing the agent from the top of the building in Toupee Terrace. The bowtie functions like a grappling hook, and has infinite reach. It can only be used on Spy Island. The bowtie can be used either by clicking the direction you want it to go while in mid-air, or after clicking the bowtie icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Role on Spy Island

It is used at the Roof Tops. The player needs it to enter the greenhouse and get the Ultra Vision Goggles. It is used again at the B.A.D. Satellite during the Director D battle, where the player must use it to reach the ceiling and crash Director D's vehicle.


  • In Poptropica: The Official Guide, it says that the Grappling Bowtie was one of the hardest things they had to design for Poptropica.
  • It was invented by Dr. Spyglass, and blueprints for the bowtie can be seen among the blueprints of many of his other inventions.
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