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The Goth Girl is the girl that is on the second floor of the mill in Astro-Knights Island.



She has a creepy appearance. She has short black hair with hair fringe on both sides of her face. She has pale white skin and wears grey lipstick on her mouth. Her dress is black, and she seems to wear a white shirt on the inside, and her top of the dress is split a bit in the middle, but being connected by crossed grey laces, and the bottom of her dress has grey stripes. She also wears a black necklace with black star pendant. She wears a grey belt around her waist that has a pattern: grey stripe, white sphere, and it has skull decoration in the middle.

Role on Astro-Knights Island


Get the rope from the gears outside the mill. Then use it to get to the princess' tower. Once you are in jump on top of the chest, return to her with the "secret'. She gives you a piece of paper with a password to a secret hide out. To find the hide out, you must click the sign beneath the fountain and enter the password.


  • She bears a resemblance to the Goth Guy from Reality TV Island and the Spider Girl from Early Poptropica Island.
  • The belt that she wears is the same belt with the outfit 'Bride of Frankenstein'.
  • She was the focus of a post on the Creators' Blog a long time ago and was said to not brush her teeth daily. She also appears on another post, with a knight apologizing saying that maybe she needs to floss, talking about her teeth hygiene and her having bad breath.
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