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Goofball Island is the 53rd island on Poptropica.

Plot Summary


When you get inside the island, you'll be in front of the city hall. Go to the colorful man with the top hat (Mayor Naise) and the black and white woman (Detective Anna Gram) next to you. It will go through a conversation, saying that Dr. Blandston made most of the people in the island bland. As said by the mayor, Dr. Blandston wears a surgeon outfit. After that, you'll automatically get inside the city hall.

After the conversation ends, go to the top floor then go to the desk in the middle. Grab the device and the matchbook in front of the desk, then get back to detective Gram. She'll give you a suspect files, and will tell you to take thumb prints of 4 citizens. First, talk to the mayor. He'll give you his thumb print right away. And then, go back to the top floor, and talk to the man with glasses (Jumpy Spinner). He'll ask you 3 questions before giving his thumb prints. The answers are: 1600s, Emperor Thirsty Flame III, and Xavier. After proving that you know about the island, he'll give you his thumb print.

Get outside from the city hall, then go to Goofside. Click on the piñata. Equip the piñata costume and put it on (required to get inside Crazy Club). Talk to the giant monster (Bosko Oksob). Choose either option, and you'll get the third thumb print. Go inside Crazy Club, and talk to the guy with the upside-down head on his crotch (Bobby Bill). He'll challenge you to a dance battle. The minigame is quite simple, you just need to follow his moves. The numbers below blinks, and you need to repeat the sequence as the same order. Do it 5 times, and Dr. Blandston appears behind Bobby. He zaps him, making him black and white and bland. Bobby will finally give his thumb print, and now you need to chase Dr. Blandston. Just go up the ladder on your right, and go left until you're close to the doctor. The floor under him will break, making him unconscious. You open his mask, revealing he's the mayor!

Go left until you meet Bosko. Another Dr. Blandston will appear behind him, making Bosko classy and black and white. He'll give you a leaf blower. You and the mayor then walk left to Dullsville and go to Detective Gram's apartment. Her arm has turned goofy, and she tells you that Dr. Blandston makes her arm goofy. She then gives you the dust, and tells you to dust the door handle to look for the Dr's thumb print. Click on the door. Then, click and hold the door handle. Then choose the middle thumb print on the right row. Huh, it's Detective Gram's thumb print? She later escapes through the window.

Follow her out of the window, and in to the subway. Go right, then go inside the tunnel. Go to the right, then go down the hole in the dentist's office. Go left, drop down, go right, and you'll see a writing. The mayor will tell that the bland and the goofy was once balanced. Go right, and pick up the crystal. You'll automatically put it inside the device. Drop down, then go to the machine in the middle. Use the leaf blower, then it will reveal Detective Gram looking more goofy. She'll later tries to zap you. It cuts to a minigame.

Using the device, try to find Detective Gram behind one of the gravestones using the dialogue that appears. Follow where the dialogue appears. And if the dialogue is on top of one gravestone, then Detective Gram is behind that gravestone. Wait until she appears, then zap her using your device. Do it 5 times, then she will drop to the ground.

The detective, a little bit goofy, tells the player to dust the device. Just click and hold a little bit above the trigger until you saw 2 fingerprints. Match those 2 fingerprints with the bottom right one. Wait, isn't that your fingerprint? Detective Gram said you should think harder, as a flashback plays. You're Dr. Blandston?

The mayor tells you that you need to use the device once again to free the island. You have 3 options to choose: Goofy, balanced, and bland. Choose either of them (it affects your ending!).

Congratulations! The island is saved, and you got your medallion from the mayor.

Blitz on the Fritz Side Quest


  • Goofball Island is the first island where you can choose what the ending is (you choose the ending when you pick either bland, goofy, or balanced).
  • It is also the third island to be originated from the Dream Island contest winner.
  • Its creator, Thirsty Flame is referenced in the island as Emperor Thirsty Flame lll the founder of Goofball Island.


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