Goblins are fast humanoid creatures that are found in Twisted Thicket Island.



Goblins resemble short green humans but wear strange clothing and have claws and tusks. Their eyes are hidden under their caps but some have hats that show one of their eyes, which is red and lacks pupils. They often carry red spears.

Goblins believe there is strength in numbers and attack in swarms. They can also run extremely fast, even while they're running, and even to the point of appearing as a vanishing blur.


Role on Twisted Thicket Island

After battling the Nøkken, a swarm of goblins will begin chasing after you. You have to jump over obstacles quickly and grab the rune at the edge of the forest and escape. After you escape the goblins fall off the cliff into the water below.



  • On Main Street, a person claims they saw a goblin like in the movies. This could be a reference to one of the villains from the Spider Man series, the Green Goblin.
  • In the Twisted Thicket trailer, all the goblins wear orange caps, but in the game, some of them wear reddish caps.
  • The goblins' hats somewhat resemble classic gnome hats, thus it can be inferred that the goblins on Twisted Thicket Island are probably a combination of traditional goblins and gnomes.
  • The area the goblins live in is called Goblin Pursuit.
  • If you have finished the island and go back to the Goblin Pursuit, the path will appear much shorter and with much fewer obstacles.
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