This article is about the Giant Squid on Cryptids Island, if you are looking for the Giant Squid on Skullduggery Island, click here.

The Giant Squid is a presumably deceased creature on Cryptids Island. Harold Mews confirmed that this cryptid exists. This is the only one he has proved correct.


The Squid in captivity

Role on Cryptids Island

The Giant Squid does not have a major role on Cryptids Island, but it is an exhibit in the laboratory. Its body can be seen preserved in some sort of container. Harold Mews states that the proof of the Giant Squid's existence has given him hope that other cryptids may exist too.


"Sea monsters aren't real. Or are they? Since ancient time, sailors have told stories about huge creatures that live in the ocean. Terrible beasts with long tentacles powerful enough to sink ships. For centuries, people thought the Giant Squid couldn't be real, just a legendary creature like a dragon or a unicorn. Why? Not enough proof. In the 1800s, some dead squid have washed upon shore. There were drawings and pieces of squid preserved, but scientists wanted to capture a whole squid or at least get a photo of one. In 2004, a fishing boat captured the body of a giant squid named Archie. Archie was almost 29 feet long from the top of his head to the tip of his tentacles. Finally, scientists had a specimen they could study. The same year, Japanese scientists took the first photos of a live squid. In 2006, more Japanese researchers took the first video of an adult giant squid. Now scientists know more about giant squid than ever before. They have discovered that an adult squid can grow to 43 feet. That's longer than a school bus! It's no wonder ancient sailors thought these creatures were monsters."




  • A similar squid is seen in the Flying Squid Common Room. However, this one is smaller.
  • The picture on the Mews Foundation website shows the squid with open eyes but in Poptropica, its eyes are closed. This could mean that the original design for the squid had its eyes open instead of closed.
  • A giant squid appears in Skullduggery Island as a minor antagonist.
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