Giant Spiders are supernaturally large spiders that only seem to inhabit Poptropica.


Giant Spiders are enormous spiders. Their exact appearances could differ although they all have eight legs and multiple eyes.

The Giant Green Spider from Early Poptropica Island is shown to be very strong and fast. Considering it was able to steal the Prized Porker from the Pilgrims, it could also be super intelligent. The Nightcrawlers Spider, however, simply stays in its hole and hides whenever someone approaches.


Role on Early Poptropica Island

The Giant Green Spider steals the Prized Porker from the Pilgrims and hides in the sewers. Its up to you to rescue the Prized Porker and return it home. If it touches your Poptropican, it knocks them back a little.


  • The Giant Green Sewer Spider can be mentioned in Common Rooms while chatting:
    • Q: Have you seen the Giant Spider?
    • A: (1) Yeah but it was no big deal.
    • A: (2) Yeah and it freaked me out!
    • A: (3) Not yet.
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