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George Ferris is a minor character on Mystery Train Island. He is tasked with creating the first Ferris Wheel, the main attraction of the Chicago World's Fair.



Ferris is moderately friendly and doesn't mean any harm or danger, even in suspense. He has a crew cut and large mustache and also wears a two tone blue suit and tie with black pants.


Role on Mystery Train Island

When you first board the train, George Ferris will tell you that he was tasked with creating the main attraction of the Chicago World's Fair, but the attraction is not working. However, Nikola Tesla was secretly working on a solution: the Transformer, a small device that has the ability to power the Ferris Wheel.

Eventually, you figure out that Mademoiselle Moreau stole the transformer to ruin the Chicago World's Fair. She did not want the Ferris Wheel to be a better attraction that the Eiffel Tower. You must chase her throughout Chicago, and you will eventually battle her atop the Ferris Wheel. She will eventually fall into a water tank after falling off the wheel. After that happens, George Ferris and Grover Cleveland will thank you. President Cleveland will give you the Island Medallion.