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The Fruit Bat Man is a man who is convinced that he is a fruit bat.


The Fruit Bat Man believes he is a fruit bat and therefore dresses as one. He has yellow skin, fangs, and his eyes are always closed. His clothes are similar to a dark purple costume in the Masks & Capes Shop on Super Power Island.

He claims to be able to use echolocation, as bats do, and he uses this ability to sense the bones. However, it is unknown if he really has this ability or if it is just another symptom of him being delusional.


Role on Shark Tooth Island

The Fruit Bat Man is not crucial to the Shark Tooth Island quest, but he will tell you that he senses the bones of a Great Beast nearby. You must take the bone as it is one of the ingredients in the calming potion for the Great Booga Shark.

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