The Force Shield is one of the mystical weapons of Arturus.


This mystical crystal was found in a deep chasm by Bristol the Miner.This magical crystal surrounds the wearer with a protective force shield
The Mystical Weapons of Arturus

Role on Astro-Knights Island

You use this to defeat the Tigercopter boss in the Ice Planet in Astro-Knights Island. While your shield's power is high and the Tigercopter is firing snowballs at you make one snowball hit you. Your shield's power will be threatened but the tigercopter won't get away with it! The snowball must hit one of his windows. But when your shield's power is down, carefully dodge his icicles and his snowballs until your shield is charged back again. It is later taken away by the Binary Bard and it is turned into the Green Fuel Orb along with the Laser Lance and Ice Arrow.

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