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Fairy Tale Island is the 52nd island on Poptropica. It is a winner of the create your own dream island competition, made by Perfect Crab. It was released April 22nd, 2021 for everyone.

Enter Fairytale Island through Mainstreet, where you’ll soon encounter many familiar favorites from fairytale folklore (try saying that 5 times fast) and discover that several of the island’s residents need your help in reclaiming their happy ending. Make the most out of your visit and become the hero of your own tale!
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Plot Summary

A mysterious figure has stolen everyone's happy endings, and you have to save them. Starting in the forest with Red, you navigate your way through while avoiding the wolf, into the cabin, where you find a lumberjack, and lure the wolf in so... he can eat the grandma and red can date the lumberjack. The player character then suggests better ways to meet girls, and you move on to Cinderella, who needs to get up the hill to her ball. Along the way, you encounter slapping plants and cat-i-corns, as well as some cameos from characters like Ishmael from S.O.S Island. Once you get there, you find out Cinderella is a rocker nicknamed cinder, and you then move onto helping the 7 Dwarves and Amelia wake up Snow White. You are asked to find a prince for snow to kiss, and there just happens to be one, but he needs you to talk to his dad "The King". He is then revealed to have goblin eyes and a goblin tail, and masquraded as the king to steal the happy endings. He says he'll let them go if you guess his name, and then gives you some magic lipstick to wake up Snow. You tell Amelia about this, and she askes the dwarves what Snow loves. You click on these things, but to your surprise, she's kissed by a goat, and her true love was becoming a vetrenarian all along. You are then whisked away to a room of gold, where you guess (and say) Rumplestiltskin's name 3 times, and because of this he escapes. Amelia then hands you the Fairy Tale Island Medallion.


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