Elyana is the princess of Arturus, daughter of Richard and the Queen of Arturus. She is the driving force of the quest on Astro-Knights Island.



The Princess has brown hair tied into a short ponytail with a green ribbon, a pink blush, pink lips, and wears a green dress with puffed sleeves. The top of her dress has gold laces that crossed around her chest, and inside the laces, the dress color changes to dark green. Under the laces, above the belt, the color of her dress is once again light green. She wears dark green belt with some darker green circle decoration and gold circle decoration in the middle of her belt. Her bottom of the dress is colored light green with dark green stripes. She wears a golden crown that has a green cone hat, and at the edge of her hat, there's an translucent cloth that flutters in the air.


  • Princess on the left
  • Concept art for the Princess Of Arturus

The Princess of Arturus was kidnapped by Mordred. She caused this battle by sending Mordred a signal from her bedroom. Prior to this, Elyana was a member of a secret organization following him called The Order of Mordred. She was saved by The Chosen One, and when released from her prison, the princess punched Mordred, knocked him out, and stopped him from getting the Green Fuel Orb before escaping with you.

Back in the Kingdom of Arturus, where the Chosen One was knighted, the Princess repaired Merlin.


  • Concept art of the Princess features her with a purple dress, curly blue hair and a two-pointed hat. A similar Poptropican is seen outside of the castle in Astro-Knights Island.
  • When you first enter Mordred's Fortress, Mordred is disguised as the Princess, except with purple-and-yellow clothing, which are the colors of his regular costume.
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