Elves are mystical creatures found in fantasy fictions. Elves can be found in the forest of Twisted Thicket Island.




The elf queen's throne room.

Elves are green-skinned humanoids with pointy ears. They wear clothing made of plant andanimal parts and most wield spears or knives.


Elves are more intelligent than most of the other mythical creatures of Twisted Thicket Island, able to form sociable groups, ruled by a single queen. Like trolls, they are capable of speaking English. They are also skilled and determined warriors.


Role on Twisted Thicket Island

After defeating the first part of the dryads, you will come to a part of the woods inhabited by elves. They will attempt to cut the vine you are on as you swing from vine to vine. Some will even try to tackle you. After this you will reach an area with 4 vines. As you climb up the vine, elves will follow and try to knock you down. At the very heart of the forest, you will encounter a large tree hollowed out with the entrance blocked by brambles. Put in all the runes in order (Lesovyk, Kobold, Jötunn, Näckrosor and Dökkálfar) and the entrance will clear out revealing the Elf Queen's throne room.



  • In Carnival Costumes on Night Watch Island there is an elf costume you can put on.
  • The elves were first seen in a jump scare video the Poptropica Creators put up called Mysterious Creature In Twisted Thicket.
  • The elves are found in the Elven Vines and the Vine Climb.
  • The elves and the dryads are the only Twisted Thicket Island monsters that attack you in two areas.
  • Elves appear in PoptropiCon Island Episode 2: Spoiler Alert as miniature figurines.
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