The Elf Queen is an Elf who rules over the mythical forests of Twisted Thicket Island.



The Queen has dark green skin and wavy green lines on her face. She wears a leaf crown with a large lime green diamond-shaped jewel imbued in it. She also has four earrings, two on each ear. She has leaf-like wings and a collar of leaves. She wears a green dress with a lime green design leading from her collar to the bottom of her dress. Her lime green belt has a diamond-shaped buckle.


Role on Twisted Thicket Island

She appears within the Sacred Tree. She explains to you that the Lumberjerks have been trying to destroy the forest. Burt Diamond and his goons then appear and break the orb into pieces. Before she and the other creatures turn to stone, she hands you the Forest Amulet that gives you powers. You use this Amulet to defeat Burt Diamond and get back the shards of the orb. However, the orb isn't fully restored.

Role on Bonus Quest

When the Lumberjerks attempt to destroy the forest were thwarted, you return to the Elf Queen to find out that she and the rest of the realm is growing weaker because not all of the orb was repaired because the magical essence of the orb was spread throughout the woods. You must go back into the forest and obtain the lost pieces to save the queen and the rest of the realm.



  • If you click on the dryad option on the Amulet, it gives you her leaf-like wings.
  • She may be based on Hildur, the queen of the elves in Scandinavian folklore.
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