Dryads are creatures that are found in Twisted Thicket Island.


Dryad tree

A dryad-possessed tree.

The dryads' appearance is fairly simple. They are small with diamond shaped wings. The only things on its head are a pair of two pointy ears and two eyes. They have a whitish color to their "skin."

Like the goblins, dryads attack in swarms, but with more complicated attack formations. Together, they are powerful enough to carry you away. They can also sting you, which cause you to jump.


Role on Twisted Thicket Island

Dryads are the first creatures you will encounter. At first they will attempt to carry you away. Then after you get past the elves and into the treetops, they will form complex attack formations, stinging you while they try to knock you off the tree tops. 



  • There is a members-only dryad follower.
  • A dryad is a female tree nymph in Scandinavian and Greek mythology.
  • After you get the island medallion, if you go back via the way you came, the dryads at Dryad Hollow will still attempt to lift you away.
  • Although the symbol on the Forest Amulet depicts a dryad, when you use it, it will grant you the Elf Queen's leaf-like wings.
  • The dryads are found in Dryad Hollow and the Forest Canopy.
  • The dryads and the elves are the only two monsters on Twisted Thicket Island that attack you in two areas.
  • A dryad is featured on the Twisted Thicket Island medallion. It is also featured as the island symbol for Twisted Thicket Island on the island info pages.
  • In C.J.'s room on Shrink Ray Island, there is a tank full of what looks like dryads.
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