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Dr. Lange is a member of the Poptropica Disease Center, working to prevent the CC13 Virus from spreading.



Dr. Lange has short, reddish-brown hair tied up in a ponytail. She has a white lab coat, a black vest underneath, and a red tie. She also wears a black skirt with black pants.


To find the host of the CC13 virus, the Camptorynchus labrodorius, Dr. Lange traveled across Poptropica and eventually found it in a forested area of Northern Canada. She contained it, but it was taken by Joe Stockman and used to put on a snack. Dr. Lange had to identify whoever it was who ate it to prevent an outbreak.

Role on Virus Hunter Island

Dr. Lange is the first person to identify your badge as a fake, but offers to give you a chance to escape your punishment (going to jail). She enlists your help to identify the victim of the CC13 Virus. After you have identified him as Joe Stockman, she needs you to shrink down to nanoscopic size and travel into Joe Stockman's body to contain the virus. First, she trains you to operate the nanoscopic ship. After you contain the virus, she appears to take a blood sample from Joe. She then hands you the Island Medallion.


  • She may be named after Poptropica designer Ashley Lange.