Dr. Dan is a character in Monster Carnival Island. He is a pharmacist who works at the Apothecary. He plays a minor role in the island but has a very crucial role in the Bonus Quest.


Dr. Dan is an older man with tan skin white facial hair, glasses, and wears a white lab coat over a brown suit. He is seen holding an empty flask in his hand.


You first meet Dr. Dan in the Apothecary, where he asks you to help him prepare an order for a customer. The order is for sodium chloride, which you discover (after making the sodium chloride) is actually table salt. You later visit the Apothecary again to make some sugar for the carnival. After that, you visit it for the third time to find something "small but heavy" in order to fool the weight-guesser at the carnival. You end up using a Vial of Osmium in Dr. Dan's mail. Then you visit the Apothecary for the fourth time except it is after nightfall and Dr. Dan is no longer there, and he also locked the door which you have to crawl through the vent.

In the Bonus Quest, the mechanic reports that Dr. Dan had gone missing. You find him in the woods, where he reveals that he has a tail and is secretly a monster, and that he didn't reveal it because he was afraid the townspeople would run him out of town like Bird Boy. He gives you a recipe for a cure and you have to gather the needed ingredients and create the cure, using pickles, mushrooms, and soda. However, due to a mistake, the cure not only didn't work, but gave him horns. The townspeople then find both of you and assures Dr. Dan that they had learned from their mistake with Ringmaster Raven and accept him for who he is.

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