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Count Bram is a character and a vampire on Vampire's Curse Island. He is one of the main antagonists for the island, other than Christopher and Cactus Von Garlic, who both appear in the Bonus Quest.



Count Bram has very pale white skin with two wrinkles, shiny black hair, and fangs. He wears a black suit and red cape, plus a sun medal.


Count Bram was probably once a normal human who, after an unspecified incident, was transformed into a vampire. Due to his immortality, he could not be with his true love, Annabelle. When she died, Count Bram tried all he could to perfect the anti-vampirism serum to be with his love in the afterlife. However, he had trouble locating the ingredients for the serum and was eventually driven insane by his inability to undo the curse, resulting in the events of Vampire's Curse Island.

Role on Vampire's Curse Island

Count Bram kidnaps Katya, mistaking her for his deceased love, Annabelle (partly due to his insanity), and traps her in a cage. Once you free Katya, he will appear to try to prevent you from escaping. After you and Katya reach the roof he will transform into a bat that you have to shoot him down with the antidote. After you transform him back into a human, he apologizes to the player and Katya and is found on a picture with Annabelle.


  • He is named after the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker and possibly after Bran Castle, otherwise known as Dracula's Castle.
  • The Vampire Count costume is based on him.


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