Copy Cat is one of the villains of Super Power Island.


She is known for the ability to clone herself. According to her super villain file, her crime is the illegal copying of music. She also has multiple personalities, and is a real trickster. She got her super power from the asteroid that landed on County Prison.


She has grey skin, black hair, a black and white striped prison shirt and cap, and purple earrings. On her face there is a gray mole, and her lipstick is gray as well.


Role on Super Power Island

The Hero has to enter the bank to meet Copy Cat and wait until she is done copying herself about ten times. You have to act fast for this capture, because she throws a canister of smoke. There is a second floor and the last Copy Cat you find is the real one. 

Role on Super Villain Island

Copy Cat in Erewhon

After the events of Super Power Island, she and the other Super Power Island villains were transferred to Erewhon Prison. Like all the other prisoners, she wasn't happy about her prison transfer. In the bonus quest, she and the other Superpower Island villains hold a security guard hostage in a cell.


  • Her grayscale color scheme suggests that she is based on older photocopier machines only capable of black and white printing, maybe being the old printers she duplicated herself off.
  • She is seen copying off of Ned Noodlehead's test in a Pop Quiz question.

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