The Cell Phone is an item found on Nabooti Island and PoptropiCon Island. On Nabooti Island, besides using it for the island quest, you can also type in various numbers and it gives you costumes. The codes are listed below.


  • 1225: Santa hat and bag.
  • 1337: Most of the Ned Noodlehead costume, and a bit of nerd costume.
  • 411: Glass Brain Hat (can't remove unless you change your hair!) 
  • 911: Policeman suit.
  • 555-6789: Calls Vince Graves (no costume given; instead, it triggers a cutscene).

Role on Nabooti Island

You can find the Cell Phone in the cold, icy cave in the Mountains of the Moon. To get Vince away from his satchel so that you can steal the Moonstone, you must call 555-6789 on the cell phone so that he would wander away to find his phone. Then, his Egyptian workers will run away. You can then steal the moonstone.

Role on PoptropiCon Island

The Cell Phone is given to you by a representative from Wicked Cool News. It is used to take pictures of the different parts of Omegon's costume. It is also used to call Sasha Capone using the number on Sasha's Calling Card, so that you can identify her cell phone in a pile of phones temporarily confiscated during a press meeting in the Conference Room, and get one of three photos you need of the costume.



  • The code 1337 (for the Ned Noodlehead costume) is based on the language called "leet." In leetspeak, 1337 means leet, which means elite.
  • The code 1225 (for the Santa hat and bag) is a reference to Christmas's date (12 meaning the month December & 25 meaning the 25th of December).
  • The code 911 (for the police hat and belt) comes from the phone number 911, which calls the Emergency People. Such as the paramedics, fire-fighters, and of course, the police.
  • 411 is the telephone number for local directory assistance in the United States and Canada. In other words, you call it for information, hence the glass brain hat.
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