Cap'n Salty is a character on Big Nate Island.


Cap'n Salty owns two water bikes, which you need to use to get to Sealsaw Rock. You will jump on the green bike and race Nate, who will use the orange bike.

He is the founder of the restaurant "Cap'n Salty's," which is the island's Common Room.


He has a white cap and a red shirt with lime green trousers and big brown shoes.


Cap'n Salty is first seen at Puffin Point. His Lobster Trap has snapped and fell to the bottom of the sea. You need the Scuba Gear to dive down and get it. Once you retrieve Cap'n Salty's lobster trap, he thanks you and gives you his Jet Ski Keys, which allows you to Sealsaw Rock. He also gives you the Lobster that he caught in his trap, which is used to drive the seagull away from the school's bell so that you can insert the Bell Clapper.

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