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The CC13 Influenza, normally shortened to CC13 or CC13 Virus, is one of the most deadly viruses on Planet Poptropica, compared only to Zomberries. Like most viruses, when the CC13 inhabits a body, it uses the host's cells to reproduce and as it rapidly multiplies, slowly shut down all their host's organs.

Role on Virus Hunter Island

Joe Stockman catches the CC13 Virus when he accidentally smears a sample on his french fries and ingests it. The main objective of the island is to contain the virus within Joe's body so that Dr. Lange and her team can create a vaccine to cure it.


Regular Version: A spider-like virus with a polygonal capsid, rod and tails. They can be easily destroyed with the gun attachment. Although it was green in the trailer, it is brownish yellow in the game. Muscle Spawn Virus: It is similar to the Regular Virus but slightly different, with spike-like growths. They also eat away at the coagulant. They are spawned from transclucent, jelly-like growths in the muscles. Intestine Virus: A large virus with two capsids. It has two long, spiked tentacles with large clutches of yellow lumps. You must fire at the yellow lumps with the gun attachment to kill it. Heart Virus: A large virus found in the heart. It consists of a massive capsid with four spiked tentacles. Each tentacle is lined on both sides with yellow lumps. Like the Intestine Virus, these are the only parts where it can be hurt. You can damage it with the Laser Scalpel attachment. You have to damage it a few times. Brain Virus: A massive virus spawning virus in the brain. It cannot be damaged by any weapon. It can, however, be killed by electrocuting it with the faint electrical energy given off by the brain nerves. Lung Virus: A massive virus capsid with four thick spiked tentacles. Each spike can be extended on a flexible yellow appendage. These yellow appendages can be destroyed. You must destroy all four of them to kill it.


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