C.J. is an extremely intelligent student who attends the River City local school, Public School 201. She is also the inventor of the Shrink Ray, and one of the main characters on Shrink Ray Island.



C.J. has dark skin and braids with yellow and green beads on the ends. She wears a teal and green striped jacket and black pants.


Role on Shrink Ray Island

C.J. is one of Mr. Silva's students. She won every science fair he held at the school. She became very popular because of this, and Mr. Silva realized he could get that kind of popularity if he stole one of her inventions.

C.J. is planning to unveil the Shrink Ray at the science fair, but she figures out that Mr. Silva is plotting to steal it, so she uses the ray to shrink herself down and hide in Mr. Silva's office. She is able to contact you, a Poptropican who was also shrunk by Mr. Silva, through Morse code and a telescope. She tells you that Mr. Silva is the thief. You rush to find C.J., but once you meet her at P.S. 201, Mr. Silva tries to shrink you down to an impossibly small size. The Shrink Ray bounces off of a mirror and hits him, which shrinks him and causes him to fall into an ant farm.

You and C.J. reverse the Shrink Ray to grow, and return to normal size. C.J. uses Mr. Silva as her science fair project, "The Incredible Shrunken Man." He does not seem to mind because he is finally famous.


  •  C.J. is the second character to have a cat named Whiskers, the first being Charlie.
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