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JNGOfficial JNGOfficial 5 February

C.J.'s New Look

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MiaTheW124ed MiaTheW124ed 29 November 2020

Mia’s poptorpica upload pitures

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Chrisredd Chrisredd 11 November 2020

Sparks Precede the Flames

Hi! So... it's been a while, and some friends have got me back into roleplaying again, so I thought Id give my old character of Silver Flame a bit of a revision and continuation, since I loved the stories we used to write here so much. So let's give this whole writing thing another shot, eh?

I would like to clarify up-front that I'll be taking elements of my old friends' stories and melding them with some old and new ideas I never got to explore about Silver Flame's powers. I'll also NOT be taking a lot of "Monster Hunting with a Chicken" into thought for this new work. as my uncle pointed out, and I must admit I agree, it is "very reminiscent of 't3h PeNgU1N oF d00m'" which, although a quintessential read, does not match the tone of the …

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Scrooge200 Scrooge200 8 November 2019


We've had a wave of vandalism on the wiki recently. If you do any intentionally malicious edits, you will be permanently banned, no questions asked.

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Pikachu250 Pikachu250 2 February 2019

I have a glitch.

(It's only on islands without sound)

Whenever I click on a character to talk to, my own Poptropican never faces them! I drew an example. Is there any way to fix this???

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Scrooge200 Scrooge200 17 October 2018

Poptropica is now on The Cutting Room Floor!

Quick announcement: thanks to the suggestion of TechWizard from the Poptropica Help Chat Discord server, Poptropica now has a page on The Cutting Room Floor!


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Gina1232 Gina1232 14 October 2018

Anyone want to be friends?

Add me gina111

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Hilary James Lyall Hilary James Lyall 14 July 2018

My Poptropican

I'd like to name my poptropican Hungry Tummy.

The reason why I named my poptropican Hungry Tummy is because my tummy makes growly noises whenever I'm hungry. If anyone runs out of food to eat. So does my tummy.

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FudgyGuy-fduser FudgyGuy-fduser 28 March 2018

My Adoption

Since that there are no admins, this place needs help. Because of this, I filed an adoption request to make the wiki a better place, since all of the other admins have moved. I'm basicly one of the most active people on this wiki currently, and none of the admin are active. I'll try to keep this place as neat as I can and be active as much as I can.

Your friends, FudgyGuy.

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FudgyGuy-fduser FudgyGuy-fduser 14 March 2018

My Focus on editing

A lot of pages need editing. For me, I will now be doing the "needs work" and the "article stubs". There are a lot of plces where I could help with all my spare time, and I hope some of you other people have time too.

I will currently be using all of my extra time on this wiki.

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FudgyGuy-fduser FudgyGuy-fduser 24 February 2018

A new island is here on Poptropica Worlds!

The new Greek island on Poptropica Worlds is here with early members acsess with rumors that it is about Zeus. I was playing the game, and I saw it on the board. Hope someone at this wiki has membership and can acsess this island for a walkthrough! Greek Sea Oddessey! Watch a cool video at https://poptropi.ca/.

See you then!

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Betty10 Betty10 4 December 2017

Starting a Poptropica Account

When you start an account it is important to start with a basic island like Monkey Wrench then move on to the more advanced islands.

Make sure your name/username  something you remember as you cannot change it.

A demo for non members means you must pay to unlock part of that island so if are not prepared to do that make sure  you don't start an island like that.

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Hilary James Lyall Hilary James Lyall 31 October 2017

Logging In

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45 Records Man 45 Records Man 11 May 2017

How Poptropica has grown so much!

It's quite amazing! I've already completed quite a few islands (about 15 of them). It's really fun!

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Joey Nigro 2016 Joey Nigro 2016 22 April 2017

My Poptropica Friends

  • cujojoeynigro4 (Joey)
  • joeynigro:friend (Mort)
  • joeynigro:friend1 (Joel)
  • joeynigro:friend2 (Erika)
  • joeynigro:friend3 (Drew)
  • joeynigro:friend4 (Ashley Marie)
  • joeynigro:friend5 (Asher)
  • joeynigro:friend6 (Rebecca)
  • joeynigro:friend7 (Jake)
  • joeynigro:friend8 (Marie)
  • joeynigro:friend9 (Rick)
  • joeynigro:friend10 (Nubert)
  • joeynigro:friend11 (Klonka)
  • joeynigro:friend12
  • joeynigro:friend13
  • joeynigro:friend14
  • joeynigro:friend15
  • joeynigro:friend16
  • joeynigro:friend17
  • joeynigro:friend18
  • joeynigro:friend19
  • joeynigro:friend20
  • joeynigro:friend21
  • joeynigro:friend22
  • joeynigro:friend23
  • joeynigro:friend24
  • joeynigro:friend25
  • joeynigro:friend26
  • joeynigro:friend27
  • joeynigro:friend28
  • joeynigro:friend29
  • joeynigro:friend30
  • joeynigro:friend31
  • joeynigro:friend32
  • joeynigro:friend33
  • joeynigro:friend34
  • joeynig…

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Joey Nigro 2016 Joey Nigro 2016 21 April 2017

Wildlife Island Characters

Here are the characters for Wildlife Island. Nothing is not costumizable in Wildlife Island. The player is the only human in Wildlife Island.

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Joey Nigro 2016 Joey Nigro 2016 14 April 2017

Not Adult Cartoon Islands

  • 1 Step 1:
  • 2 Step 2:
  • 3 Step 3:
  • 4 Step 4:

Instead of South Park Island, create My Little Pony Island. Here are the ideas: https://poptropicamylittleponyislandideas.wordpress.com/

Instead of American Dad Island, create SpongeBob SquarePants Island.

With Happy Tree Friends Island, drop the gore, because Happy Tree Friends characters are cute. Here are the poptropicans for Happy Tree Friends Island:

Don't create Family Guy Island, because you think it's the worst island that you will not create.

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Yoppyyoppyyop Yoppyyoppyyop 31 October 2016

my blog is cool

it's awesome

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Yoppyyoppyyop Yoppyyoppyyop 23 October 2016

i beat ghost story

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QueenCupcake025 QueenCupcake025 2 September 2016

Help me this is serious!

Whenever I go to an island with sound, and try to go to the click on the "go right" or "go left" or "enter" button the screen goes black and my mouse is that glove thingy pointing and the screen is still black!! And since this is the new Poptropica, when anyone logs in they appear in the home island. And when i click on the "return to your game" button the screen goes black, when I go to the blimp, the screen goes black! So I can only travel if I click on the bill board that says "Go to the blimp and begin your journey" And when I'm in an island with sound, I can only travel if I click on the menu and cick on the button with the map!!!!! So I can only complete sound-less Islands. And i don't know what to do plz help!!!! oh, And when I go t…

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Yoppyyoppyyop Yoppyyoppyyop 26 August 2016


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Yoppyyoppyyop Yoppyyoppyyop 26 August 2016

still trying to beat it after ten days!

cannot beat

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Yoppyyoppyyop Yoppyyoppyyop 26 August 2016

trying to beat ghost story

ghost story=impossible! almost ten days!

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SkylanderBoyAndGirlFan1000 SkylanderBoyAndGirlFan1000 21 August 2016

Poptropica vs. Our Discovery Island

This is how Poptropica compares to Our Discovery Island.

  • 1 1: Video Comparison
  • 2 2: Our Discovery Island Differences
  • 3 3: Unused Features
  • 4 4: Feature Coming Soon!

  1. The .swf files look different.
  2. They have voice acting.
  3. The text "pants" is changed to "trousers" in Our Discovery Island.
  4. No advertisements. (Except for the .swf files; They have Ad Clothing.)
  5. They have different names.
  6. The text "hair color" is changed to "hair colour" in Our Discovery Island.
  7. Different Loading Screen.
  8. Different Clothing.
  9. They Have Animal Cards; In Poptropica, There were no Animal Cards.
  10. They Have Fewer Islands; In Poptropica, There were many islands.
  11. The text looks different.
  12. The games are changed.
  13. Glitches in the game. (Example: Changing the Treble Clef Character.)
  14. The freckles loo…

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Lapine Lapine 24 July 2016

O Canada

I just got back from a month-long cross-Canada trip--my family ventured to the tip of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia all the way from the southern United States! It's a crying shame how spotty the cell service is in the middle of nowhere, but the landscape is gorgeous. Honestly, it would make an amazing setting for a Poptropica island. It's such a diverse and beautiful setting.

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Bepiskin Bepiskin 22 June 2016



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7l233 7l233 14 May 2016

How to Costumize the Smartphone

Here is a video that I made on how to get your Poptropican to hold a smartphone.

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HfEvra HfEvra 1 May 2016

Hello everyone

Hello! I recently returned to this wiki after not being active for a long time, so technically I can be considered new.

Is this wiki slightly dying? Of course I can't expect something extreme, since everyone here is human, but I think we should try to add the stuff from the most recent islands/quests and then deal with the former ones.

- Messy Knuckle, aka Frost Rose

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Chrisredd Chrisredd 6 February 2016

The old Republic!

Raise your hand if you were here during the old Republic (2011 - 2014) And still are :P

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Poptropica 25 Poptropica 25 11 December 2015

hi p

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Rough Fang Rough Fang 18 September 2015

I'm Leaving

I am leaving this wiki.

Really? That's how you're gonna do it?

What do you mean?

Dude, you've been on this wiki for almost three years.

Seriously? Just three? It seemed like more.

Well, that's because the core of your being is actually unmoored from the linear progression of time. 

What does that mean?

It means you like sci-fi.

Actually, I've always been more of a fantasy nerd than a sci-fi nerd.


That's wh-





In all seriousness though guys, I'm afraid I'm leaving. Let's face it. I haven't really been active lately. Or at all.

And I've been los…

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Legofan100 Legofan100 11 August 2015

About JS

Hey Poptropicans!

You may have noticed that certain wiki functions aren't working. This is due to a recent security issue with Wikia. JavaScript and other functions have been disabled temporarily and will be re-enabled soon.

For more info on this see here.

EDIT: Should be working now, but MediaWiki is still uneditable and therefore has slighty outdated content.

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Chrisredd Chrisredd 7 August 2015


Gmorkin'! This is the Q&A so yea.... Let's do it!

  • 1 Favorite television show villain?
  • 2 Darkness or Light?
  • 3 Favorite song?
  • 4 Wombats?
  • 5 Do things eat?
  • 6 Do you understand binary code?
  • 7 If so, what does this mean? *Insert code here*
  • 8 If you could be any animal, What would you be?
  • 9 Favorite Movie?
  • 10 Favorite wikia user with the word iPad in his name?
  • 11 Favorite T.V show?

The Master, unless L counts as a villain.


this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkgNsE9Uhzc And this Comes second: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n16aTmlqgIU


Depends on what kind of things they are.


I'm curious to find out, so imma use a translator helphelphelphelphelpi'mtrappedhelphelphelphelp

===Favorite pizza Topping?===


===Favorite video Games besides Poptropica?===


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RedSpiderDaKing RedSpiderDaKing 25 July 2015

Promo codes

Gorealms SKULLBOOK Popanywhere

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Chrisredd Chrisredd 20 July 2015


Gmorkin'! So, a couple days before i was banned like 1 or 2 years ago, a lot of people were doing a Q&A thing, i wanted to get in the trend but didn't... for some reason... Anyway, i'm doing one now so...Ask away? (I should also point out that the Q&A will be held this saturday or the next, depending on whether i'm busy or not)

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Chrisredd Chrisredd 16 July 2015


Hai.... *Waves*

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Legofan100 Legofan100 29 June 2015


Hi everyone!

I am excited to announce that I recently made it to 1k edits! I'm not sure if this was today or yesterday.

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TronX7 TronX7 27 June 2015

I'm sorry, but I have to celebrate


OF THE U.S.!!!!!!!!!!!

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Legofan100 Legofan100 25 June 2015

I'm back!!!

Hello Poptropica Wikians!

Alot of you probably remember me as the former Poptropica Wiki Head ChatModerator.

As alot of you may know, I have been inactive for probably over a year. Well, I am back to help keep this wiki going. Really sorry about my inactivity.

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Rough Fang Rough Fang 24 June 2015

The Faces!

Alright, tell me once and for all, which of these is the creepiest? 

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RedSpider4 RedSpider4 6 June 2015

I wonder if...

I wonder if the new poptropica owners will change a lot or keep a lot the same.

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HappyHappy760 HappyHappy760 2 June 2015

Happy's Guides

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Giant Bubbles Giant Bubbles 30 May 2015

Cateogry Cleanup (temporary)

Here is a list of all the unneeded/unnecessary categories on this wiki. The blog will be updated constantly as more categories will be found.

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TronX7 TronX7 27 May 2015

TIL (Today I learned)

I can access this place from school now!!!!

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Rough Fang Rough Fang 18 May 2015

This Is Actually Completely Irrelevant...

...BUT I'M SHOWING IT ANYWAY! Behold, the magnificent beast known as the sarcastic fringehead!

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Xeme1 Xeme1 15 May 2015

Fiona's song: Songsheet

This is the complete song sheet for Fiona's Song on Ghost Story Island with all the music notes.

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Giant Bubbles Giant Bubbles 14 May 2015

Top 5 Editors This Week

Hey all! Have you ever wanted to know how much mainspace edits a user makes each week? Well now you can with this!

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TronX7 TronX7 26 April 2015

Opinions, Opinions Everywhere

To be honest I kind of liked the old layout of the main page better....Sure, there was some unecessary stuff like the Poptropican of the month, media of the month, and possibly the copyright notice, but I think a few changes to it would have looked better than starting all over from scratch. It's not that hard to change it. The current layout just looks so.....empty.

Maybe the pic of Director D could be replaced with the the blue animated P gif, and the logo at the top updated. The unnecessary parts could be cut out and the Poptropica Wiki Network buttons could be replaced with the PHB ones. And--ah heck, look at what I'm saying.

I just like the old look better. Whether it's because I'm clingy or crazy, I just like it. End of story.

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Joseph Nigro Joseph Nigro 25 April 2015

Characters for a new island

These are the characters for Happy Tree Friends Island

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TronX7 TronX7 25 April 2015


Ę̖͉̲͖͖̦͔͚͉̝͆͑͒́̇́̀̉̿̄̔Ǹ̰̠̹̰̻̮̠̠̫͊̃̇̄̔̌͛͗͜͠͝ͅĮ̲̜͈̙͖͍̪̣͈̗̓͆͌͆̀̊̽̒̈́̓͘G̨̟̖͔̰͓̥͕̦̤̀͌̓͋̔͆͊̑͒͛͑͜M̡̢̲͔͚̬̣̠̫͆͂̎̿͊̾̓͑̚̚͜͝ͅA̡̨̰̤̖͙̬̟̖͇͓͈͚̯̘̤͕͇̜̪͑̌̇̽́͑͑̎̂́̇͒̏̎̓̔͛̌͂̕̕͜͜͝ Ş̮̠̦͈͍͙̟̠̰̃̍͊̂̐̌̈̓͂̾̍ͅT̨̢̛͖̮̺̖̼͙̼̼̬͂̿̀̏̿́̌̈́̉̓R̨͖̺̼̭̘̝͖͕̙͈̈́͆͂́̓̍̅̈́͋̚͝É̘̦͎̳͉̯̬͈̬̼̻̃̀̾͋͗̃̈̍͝͝Ą̧̬̫͍̭͔̹͍͇͙̏̀́̐̿̌͗̈́̓͗͝M̡̢̛̻̦̭̙̩͇̗͎̯̞͎̹̼̙͍͕̭̰͕͔̏̋͊͛̑̈̆̉̓̇͌̋͂̇̎̀͛̚͝͝͠ K̨̡̡̠͔̠̙̺̜̻̓̀͒͊͛̈́̏̏͗͜͝͠Ȩ̟͎̰̠͎̼̺̰̻͓̊̊̇̈̉̅̿̄͝͝͝Y̨̮̺̣̠̠̠͔̦̱͙̐̀̈́́̀̍̇̓̚̕͘ ̧̢̝̮͈̩͓̙̹̟͑͒͋͌̓̌͂̕͘̚͜͠ 3471298dsjwe789saw33hjo8

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