Betty Brownie is a Poptropica character seen in Reality TV Island. She appears to be a member of a girl scout troop.



Betty Brownie has pale skin along with freckles and is wearing a green girl scout outfit with a red scarf and hair braids. Her uniform is covered with brown stains, most likely accumulated from her outdoor scout activities.


Betty has the typical character of a young girl. She is cheerful, friendly, and loves her family and pets. The latter is clear as she mentions her cat named Fluffy and her mother on the show very frequently. She is also invested in her girl scout career, as evidenced by her hard work selling cookies and going on the show to earn a TV merit badge. Betty also seems to enjoy indulging in cookies, going as far as to say that it could be negatively impacting her performance on the show. However, she is shown to be generous in this regard, offering to shout everyone cookies when she wins a round on the show.


At some point prior to the player's appearance on Reality TV Island, Betty applied to join the show. She hoped to win the grand prize, and obtain a TV merit badge to progress her girl scout career. During her appearances on the show, she possibly competed directly against the player. It is unknown if she ever fulfilled her goal after the player eventually won a season of Reality TV Island.


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