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BETA Carrotene was a new and improved version of 24 Carrot Island. It was made by the Poptropica Creators to test new features coming soon to Poptropica. The main difference was that 24 Carrot was made in AS2, and BETA Carrotene was made in AS3.

The beta tester costume.

The Creators gave members a special costume which allowed them to play 24 Carrot Island with a full soundtrack, a bigger screen, and better navigation so that they could test the features that would be coming out for everyone soon. The Beta Carrotene is currently the basis for Virus Hunter Island minus a few of the Beta Carrotene features like the common room cursor. It has a medallion.


  • In Green Square Video Rental on Virus Hunter Island there is an cardboard cutout ad for a movie called Attack Of The Zombie Carrots on BETA, which may be a reference to 24 Carrot BETA Carrotene.
  • The island can no longer be played.
  • If you have the medallion, it says, "24 Carrot Island" completed.
  • The medallion for island could only be obtained for a limited time, and some people never got it, even after meeting the credentials.
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