Amelia is a Poptropican from Monkey Wrench Island (currently Snagglemast Island) who helps the player learn to explore the world of Poptropica. She is also on Home Island, and you can speak to her anytime.



Amelia has peach skin and short orange hair. She wears a brown leather jacket with pockets and a zipper, black pants, a leather cap on her head with a yellow eagle symbol, and a pair of ski goggles around her neck.


Not much of Amelia's personality is shown to the player, other than that she is an adventurer and likes to explore. She is kind to you and helps you as you play Monkey Wrench Island. She also seems to be an optimist.


Role on Monkey Wrench Island

Amelia is essentially the deuteragonist of the island. She helps you by telling you what to do along the way. The two of you get into her plane and fly together in the Flying Ace Race. Unfortunately, you are shot down by a rival racer, the Red Baroness. The plane crash-lands on Monkey Wrench Island, and you and Amelia meet Crusoe, a tropical resort owner. Crusoe promises to help you leave, but Amelia becomes suspicious of him and asks you to investigate. You find out that he has been relaxing in a hammock instead of working. A monkey named Mongo helps you and Amelia build the Poptropica Blimp, and the two of you climb in and re-enter the race. You find out that Crusoe has hitched a ride in your blimp, so you take his fruit drink and throw it into the Red Baroness' plane. He jumps out to follows the drink, which causes the plane to crash. You and Amelia win the race, and you receive your Monkey Wrench Island medallion!

Role on Home Island

Amelia is always on this island, and you can talk to her about things you can do on Poptropica.


  • Amelia is based off Amelia Earhart, a famous female pilot who crossed the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Amelia is one of the only characters who sticks with your Poptropican for the entire island. This is probably because Monkey Wrench and Snagglemast are designed for new players.
  • Amelia is the first character you will see when you arrive on Poptropica, either when you log in or when you create a new account.
  • Amelia has a plane, and although it crashes on Monkey Wrench Island, she strangely has it back on Home Island.
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