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Aircraft Graveyard is a scene located after the Giant Garden on Early Poptropica Island, in which you will find the Jet Pack. It seems to be an aftermath of some sort of extraterrestrial battle.


Being in the clouds, there are tons of crashed aircrafts in this scene. There are also some toxic barrels and a peculiar table that you find the Jet Pack on.

Notable Aircraft

Aircrafts seen in the graveyard are:

  • Unidentified flying object
  • A communication satellite
  • A launch pad
  • A Lockheed C-141 Starlifter
  • A Jet Pack


The content of the scene suggests a few possibilities:

  1. An extraterrestrial battle took place here.
  2. The Purple Giant, being so tall, enjoys crashing aircrafts.

By navigating over the various wrecked planes, you'll find the Jet Pack sitting on a table. You can then fly back over the aircrafts and return to the Giant Garden.




  • The UFO seen in the background of this scene is different than Mordred's Excalibur, purveying other apparent alien life.
  • Text can be read on the side of the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter, sayin 'Mars or bust!'. This references to the real life effort for humans to land on Mars.
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