Not to be confused with Afro Girl.
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Afro Guy is a mysterious glitching Poptropican who appears in Poptropica. He has been reported as appearing in several locations around the game, including Sky Dive, Legendary Swords, the store, friends lists, and the customizer. Although Afro Guy is not a real online player, meaning that he is neutral, he may glitch islands to make them easier or more difficult. He could be related to E233. Sometimes, if you use an item to get to a different place, your poptropican will turn into Afro guy.


Afro Guy is a Poptropican with black or white skin and a black afro (hence his name). He usually has a wide smile with teeth showing and half-closed eyelids, and he wears a white singlet and black pants.


  • If you try to friend him, the game may freeze.
  • If you use the costumizing animals glitch on characters that act like Poptropicans (for example, the settlers on Early Poptropica), a variant of Afro Guy will appear, but he will have buggy eyes that change rapidly.
  • The creators of Poptropica seem to know that he exists, and included him in a sneak peek.


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