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You may be looking for the male version of this character, Afro Guy.

Afro Girl is a Poptropican who only appears on the Poptropica friends list or when a character is loading. She isn't an actual online player; it is more likely that she is a glitch in the code.


The appearance of a Poptropican can take a while to process, especially on profile pages. Afro Girl appears when a character's outfit and items are loading. She is a Poptropican with white or peach skin and a white oval around her head that resembles an afro. She wears a white singlet and black pants, and has one white box on her back and another in her right hand. Afro Girl has a wide smile with teeth showing, and her eyelids are half closed and black, making her appear to be wearing eyeshadow. The only thing that distinguishes her as a girl is her eyelashes. Next in the process is Afro Guy.